Christian adults, we go through many phases throughout our lives including:

  • finishing up college

  • developing a career

  • starting a nurturing family

  • becoming an “empty-nester”

  • retiring

and all of these events are more joy-filled when we walk together. So come find your place, make some new friends and deepen your faith at Russellville First where no one walks alone.

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We offer several Adult Sunday School options that each focus on a variety of topics. Each class is made up of individuals who are in various stages of life and at different points in their spiritual journey. For a complete list of our Adult Sunday School classes, CLICK HERE


This class focuses on the upcoming lectionary passages and dig into the text for the following Sunday. Join Pastor Tony and Pastor Sarah as they take turns leading the class for live, instant feedback and discussions about the Holy Word. This class is offered simultaneously online and in the Covenant Classroom and via ZOOM. Don't forget to join the private Pastors' Bible Study Facebook Group!

Meeting ID: 833 7671 1872 | Passcode: PBS


There are several options for adults to participate on Wednesday evenings: Chancel Choir, Core Classes with Pastor Tony, God Renewing our Women,  Pastor Sarah's B.A.S.H., and volunteering to assist with our Children or Youth Ministries.


Russellville First has many opportunities available for women. The Women’s Ministry is designed so that every woman has a place to fellowship with other women, deepen their spirituality through Bible study or worship opportunities, sing and pray together, and discover their individual gifts. You are invited to join us in all of the activities at Russellville First!


This class is for women to connect with each other and share their journey to faith. Through fellowship and study, this group strengthens the spiritual discovery and growth of each participant. This group focuses on study-based books and meets weekly to encourage and develop friendships with one another. Classes are offered 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, with both classes utilizing different studies. Contact the church office for more information.


UMW is a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ.

At Russellville First, the UMW organization is a vital ministry of teaching, sharing, and advocating for others all over the world. They meet for luncheons and programs about local and global missions. They have six small groups that meet for study and fellowship. They also offer a Reading Program to introduce books in five areas of interest and encourage an understanding of God’s mission in our world. 

If you would like more information about UMW, contact the church office.


If you are 50 years or older, you are a part of the Prime Timers community! We have game days, movie nights, and travel to various places across Arkansas and the United States. There are so many opportunities to enjoy life with great people. Come enjoy the fun!

Monthly Events:

On the third Tuesday of the month we enjoy an afternoon of games and desserts in the Family Hall. This is a FREE event! 

On the last Friday of the month we have dinner and a movie in the Fellowship Hall. It’s just $5 for your meal! 



Great for people of all ages who have a passion to learn more about their faith through a small group discussion.


This class started 50 years ago and is still going strong! It’s perfect for older age groups that enjoy roundtable discussions and shared teaching duties.


Great for adults of all ages, this class focuses on a variety of progressive topics and allows you to learn and speak openly!


This class rotates studies of the various books of the Bible, United Methodist principles and DVD based studies of contemporary issues facing Christians, all in an open and lively discussion format.



This is one of largest adult classes and begins with a time of informal fellowship, singing and prayer concerns. With its roundtable discussion and lecture combo, it’s suited for all ages.


The largest of all the classes, this intergenerational class is lecture based with good discussion led by Jerry Burns.


No more shrugged shoulders or “I dunno know” when you ask “What did you do in Sunday School today?” This study of the Bible follows along with the materials for children and youth. How great to be able to have the same Scripture and lesson focus. Finally, something you share as a family, something you can discuss at Sunday lunch, and even continue to talk about during the week.


This class is a Bible-based study with a focus on helping women of all ages and stages grow in their faith and deal with the anxieties and pressures of daily life.  The goal of our studies is to watch how the joy of the Lord can, and will, change not just our lives but work through us to positively impact the lives of others.


Growing in Christ is comprised of individuals and couples ranging in age from mid-thirties to mid-fifties.  The lessons vary between in-depth studies of the books of the Bible as well as topical issues affecting Christians today.  The class relies on open discussion and sharing by those present to facilitate a productive study.  The class members strive to Grow in Christ together as we learn about our faith, the Bible, and what it means to follow Jesus.



Geared toward adults 60 and up, this class discusses a variety of topics based on class interests.


This is a small group of young adults in their 20’s and 30’s, both singles and couples. Studies are usually very discussion based.


After coffee and conversation, this class gathers for study in a casual atmosphere. Materials vary from traditional Bible study to contemporary social issues and is full of diverse ages.